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The SHBC Youth Department is designed to encourage young people to remain committed in their love and devotion to Jesus Christ. Using sound Biblical teaching, we provide opportunities for youth to learn Scripture and practice ministering to others in a safe environment. Our program engages youth in drama, music, culinary arts, missionary outreach, cultural outings and much more. All youth programs are governed by the policies and procedures found in the SHBC official document: “Safe Spaces for the Church’s Young People.”


Our expectation is youth will gain mastery of skills and approaches required to be successful Christians in today’s complex world; and develop various competencies, knowledge and expertise that foster independence combined with personal responsibility. The SHBC goal is to support our youth and provide them a sense of influence and control as they grow into God-fearing; civic-minded; responsible; self-directing; and autonomous adults. 


The SWAG MINISTRY strives to be inclusive of the entire body of Christ and affirm the unique gifts, such as talents and the ministries of young adults.  Also we'd like to fully embrace the young adults within our communities and unite the young adults within our communities and unite in Christ through the spirit of Christian fellowship, all the while supporting empowerment.  Our main focus is to connect with compassion which is based on 2 simple but important principles: Love God and LOVE others.

Do you like to mix and mingle, play games, enjoy live music/shed, partake in fashion, watch sports, go on trips or take exciting classes? 

Well the SWAG MINISTRY may be just what you need!!!


The WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN MINISTRY  is comprised of women from SHBC who have a burden for the plight of females  in the world today.  We reach out to the unsaved with the hope of salvation and to those who know Christ with encouragement and sisterly assurance.

We strive to support, equip and empower women to fully exercise their gifts, serve their families and achieve God's purpose for their lives.  We provide Christmas toys to families in need, encouragement to our older sisters who are confined to their homes and more.  It is our blessed privilege to show the love, mercy and grace of our God to all women we encounter.

In addition, we have the following ministries: Women's Monthly Fellowship Brunch, Women's Book Club, Women's Retreat.  

Contact us for more information

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Star of Hope seniors are an energetic group of seniors, 60 years of age and above. The main thrust of the ministry is:


  1. Sharing: SHBC seniors enjoy coming together in community; welcoming new participants; and spending time on worthwhile projects. The group meets regularly and benefits from good food, fun and good Christian fellowship. They enjoy outings to local restaurants, shows and more. Our seniors also benefit from guest lecturers who address relevant topics such as health insurance, preparing wills, healthy finances for seniors, etc. SHBC seniors are active members of the Philadelphia Corporation of the Aging (PCA).

  2. Studying: The highlight of the week is the Thursday senior’s Bible study that is taught by our pastor. During the study the seniors have unique insights and perspectives that are shared without hesitation or inhibition. Our seniors enjoy the instruction, discussion, friendship, and fellowship as they explore Biblical, family, and cultural issues.

  3. Serving: SHBC senior adults have many life experiences to share, and in a diverse church like this, there are a lot of ways to pass along lessons they have learned. Our seniors support our children’s ministries, participate in special events, assist with worship, and get involved in the Lott Carey world missions. Their desire is to put hands, feet and heart to our commitment to Christ.


SHBC seniors are always interested in other seniors who will join them and add their wisdom and energy to the group. They believe seniors can combine efforts to help meet the needs of others in Jesus’ name.


The Star of Hope Baptist Church (SHBC) Men’s Ministry provides opportunities for men to gather with other men and together grow in faith and commitment to Christ. The purpose of the Men's Ministry is to connect, biblically train and equip men to be spiritual leaders in their homes, church, and community. Our men discover they are better fathers, husbands, brothers and witnesses for Christ when they understand their role as God’s servants; an understanding that is fostered during each ministry gathering.


The SHBC men meet on each first Saturday of the month for a breakfast fellowship. The meeting includes delectable food; good fellowship and brotherhood; and great Bible discussions that focus on issues pertinent to the plight of Christian men in the world today. SHBC men also enjoy weekly Sunday School classes; annual men’s retreats/conferences; a men’s gospel chorus and more. All men are welcome!

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